Monday, 28 May 2012

Retronix Leads with Revolutionary Process

Unique and Innovative Process

Retronix's proven IC recovery process is the ONLY way to safely recover ICs from faulty and obsolete PCBs. Every day, companies waste huge amounts of money by scrapping faulty PCBs rather than recycling them. Why? Because there has never been a risk-free and reliable way to recover high-value ICs - until now.

IC manufacturers' specifications state that components can be subjected to no more than three reflow cycles. Our process allows us to safely remove and refurbish components with zero reflow cycles.

Comparison of current IC recovery processes and Retronix's IC recovery process.

Benefits of Recycling ICs

When PCBs fail in assembly, it is mainly due to process issues such as defective solder joints and raw PCB faults rather than silicon faults. Recycling ICs from failed PCBs with Retronix allows you to:

  • SLASH PRODUCTION COSTS - By recovering and re-using high-value ICs, you can save up to 80% of the cost of scrap and obsolete PCBs
  • FIND RARE COMPONENTS - Recovering ICs gives you with a new source of rare components. Retronix can recover scarce components from faulty or obsolete PCBs, providing you with a supply of safe and authentic ICs
  • BEAT COUNTERFEITING CONCERNS - The counterfeit industry is growing at an alarming rate. Removing and refurbishing components with Retronix prevents parts from entering the grey market and allows them to be thoroughly tested and certified (providing they pass our strict standards) before re-use or resale
  • REDUCE LANDFILL MATERIAL - Recycling components (which often contain harmful chemicals) rather than sending them to landfill doesn't just save you money - it also saves the environment
Read more about how Retronix's revolutionary process can help you recover ICs safely and save you money.

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