Monday, 3 June 2013

Automated Re-Tinning and Alloy Conversion for higly specialised industries like Defence | Medical | Aerospace | Oil & Gas

Retronix offers the safest and most reliable processes for retinning and alloy conversion available in the market today; to know more click here

We process a huge range of components:

Thru hole Resistors, connectors, ICs, SMD Chip resistors / caps, miniature crystal oscillators, all types of SOIC

All types of QFP and large surface mount components, for more information click here

all BGA components; for more information click here 

Our processes are fully compliant with, and exceed, requirements for ANSI-GEIA-STD-0006, the standard for replacing solder finish on components.

Our process : 
  • Are fully automatic and repeatable
  • Full thermally controlled
  • Have no abrasive processes to damage substrate.

We have expertise in dealing with high reliability sectors requiring completely automated work done on the components for high reliability solutions. For example : Automated Re-tinning done for a company belonging to the Aerospace sector.

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